Showtime Anytime & YouTube Premium

Showtime Anytime

Showtime has a number of excellent series as a premium cable subscription in the US. This is not unusual, since the company owns the huge CBS network. You can view some of the most popular series in recent years through a Showtime subscription. What about the return of the legendary Twin Peaks, but also the amazing billions, Master of Sex, Homeland and The Affair? Showtime has something for everyone. You can purchase a separate subscription to the service or add a subscription to a Hulu or Amazon Prime account with a small discount. Unfortunately, the service is limited to the United States, so a VPN is required for Showtime Anytime. But that guarantees you an exceptionally wide range of series.

Recommended series: Masters of sex, Twin Peaks, Billions, The Affair, Episodes, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Ray Donovan, Shameless, The Borgias, Weeds, Web Therapy, The Tudors, Californication, House of Lies.


– $ 11 per month (VPN required)

– $ 9 per month via Amazon or Hulu (VPN required)

YouTube Premium

We know what you think: YouTube? Yes, Alphabet, the company behind YouTube and Google, has also realized that they can earn serious money with series. And her first small steps in this industry were surprisingly successful. Of course, with a much larger budget than that of most television producers, this is to be expected. YouTube can cleverly combine its offer, because it also has access to shopping in the Google Play Store, for example. In any case, they seem to take their new platform seriously.

Cobra Kai, the revival of The Karate Kid, has been hugely successful in attracting many people to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Nevertheless, the content is far from the level of competition. YouTube also has an inappropriate focus on showing its own familiar faces such as PewDiePie (a popular gamestreamer) in the content. This does not always produce good television, but the real series seems to be doing well again. Definitely worth looking at. A subscription to the streaming service is combined with the YouTube Premium subscription, which also gives you access to YouTube Music and other YouTube services.

Recommended series: Cobra Kai, Impulse, Escape the Night, Mindfield, Rhett and Link’s Buddy system, Foursome, Youth and Consequences, High Up, Lifeline, Good Game, Fight of the Living Dead.


– $ 11.99 per month (VPN required)>