Best streaming services for series. Netflix: # 1

TV series have developed enormously in recent years. Previously they were inferior to the movies in all respects, but nowadays television programs are at least as popular. With this popularity, larger budgets, better scripts and actors came on the A-list. Now, series are unparalleled major productions, with a budget of one million dollars for each episode. Apart from channels such as HBO and AMC, streaming services quickly benefited from this new hype. But there is a slight drawback: for legal reasons, you can no longer use the same offer for every streaming service. We have searched for the best streaming services and their most popular series for you, making this the best VPN that you can combine with your subscription.


Netflix is ​​not unknown to many people. The company has recognized the potential of streaming series on the Internet at an early stage. By investing smartly in original productions and obtaining streaming licenses for the largest series, Netflix has reached a huge audience. But it is precisely these licenses that cause the different offerings in each country. Because the company uses geoblocking, you don’t see much of the series that are available on the American Netflix in other countries. Unless you use a VPN. So you can really enjoy everything that Netflix has to offer. The Netflix range is excellent: many well-known series of large channels, original productions, comedy specials and quirky original animation projects.

<Recommended series: Stranger Things, Better Call Saul, Star Trek Discovery, Master of None, Orange Is the New Black, Bojack Horseman, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Narcos, Arrested Development, Dark, Glow, Ozark.


– $ 7.99 for the basic plan (VPN required for US content)

– $ 13.99 for UHD streaming (VPN required for US content)