Amazon Prime & Hulu

Best streaming services for series? Amazon is one of Netflix’s biggest competitors, especially in the United States. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has obtained a number of exceptional licenses through large investments. The change from the Top Gear team from BBC to Amazon called The Grand Tour has caused a stir. Amazon has also worked hard on a Lord of the Rings series and has been granted the rights to create a new season of the amazing scifi series The Expanse.

Even existing series on the platform cannot be ignored. Amazon follows the influence in Europe, but the supply is still limited for most people. If you don’t mind if you don’t have subtitles, you can enjoy the offer from Amazon Prime via a VPN. They may not produce as much publicity as the series on Netflix, but their offer does not come much closer to that of Netflix. Now that all series are coming out, Amazon Prime is becoming increasingly interesting over time.

Recommended series: The Man in the High Castle, The Tick, The Expanse, The Marvelous ms. Maisel, Sneaky Pete, The Grand Tour, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Hand of God, Jean-Claude van Johnson, Fleabag


– $ 5.99 per month (VPN required for US content)


Hulu is still relatively unknown in Europe. This is not surprising, as they are only active in the US and Japan. Their offer is excellent because some of the largest manufacturers in the industry manage the platform together. You need a VPN and an American account to use the service in Europe. If you have taken all these steps, you can enjoy world-class series such as Castle Rock (based on Stephen King stories), The Handmaid’s Tale, Future Man and more. A large number of legendary series such as Seinfeld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Community are available on Hulu, which makes their offer wider than other streaming services. Original Hulu productions are rare.

Recommended series: Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Future Man, Castle Rock, 11-22-63, Runaways, The Handmaid’s Tale, Seinfeld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Community, X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, Twin Peaks, Rick & Morty ,


– $ 7.99 per month (including advertisements, VPN required)

– $ 11.99 per month (ad-free, VPN required)